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How do you select the correct travel media company to amplify your destination’s messaging? International Media Marketplace has two categories – traditional media and influencers but there has been a lot of recent discussion about bloggers, aka content creators, being a viable third category.

At Coleman Concierge, we believe that there are five primary types of travel media:

  • Traditional Media – Places articles on mainstream outlets
  • Influencer – Interacts with followers on social media
  • Blogger – Publishes evergreen articles on their website
  • Digital Publisher – Syndicates articles on multiple websites
  • Photographer – Generates high-quality photography

Our ability to provide competitive packages for all five primary media types sets Coleman Concierge apart from other travel media outlets, as showcased by a recent campaign for Experience Columbus.

Traditional Media

We have developed many traditional media connections with two decades of professional travel experience. In addition to freelance writing, we write “wire pieces” for an outlet plugged into multiple wire services. This connection is why we have verified publications on Muck Rack (JennEd) for over 180 media outlets.

While we can’t ever guarantee pickups, our Columbus article – America’s First Urban Via Ferrata Proves Even a Cowtown Can Transform Into an Adventure Hotspot– was picked up over 150 outlets. Another piece we wrote,  A Journey Into the Minds of Extreme Adventurers, had 148 pickups.

These “wire pieces” are written to AP standards and subjected to multiple editorial reviews, but we are the executive editors, so all articles retain our voice and vision. Think of Coleman Concierge if your destination has current and newsy stories to tell and we can deliver.


Our social media footprint of over 65,000 followers across all platforms (8/2023) qualifies us as mid-level influencers. However, our high engagement rates and well-written captions amplify our (and your) message even higher.

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We focus on describing the destination rather than showcasing our personality, so our readers will be more inclined to visit your destination than buy us a beer. Our Influence Kit tracking report shows we had a social media reach of over 35,000 for the Experience Columbus campaign, with 13,000 views and 7,000 engagements and counting.


Every blogger talks up their SEO game and for good reason. 73% of our traffic comes from organic search, and back-end monetization is a vital income stream. We have a DA of 45 and an aggressive backlink strategy, so The Best Biking in Columbus Ohio – 11 Trails You Need to Know piece is on page one of Google after only two weeks of seasoning.

What’s essential for a destination is the quality of the article and the ways we have to distribute the information creatively. The “Biking in Columbus” article has an interactive, downloadable map and approximately 30 images geolocated to locations along Columbus bike paths, so it has enough pizzazz to motivate a visit to Columbus, as well as additional information to plan three days of biking adventures.

Looking at our website closer, you’ll notice our industry-leading Content Management System. We have five pillars of content that answer where to go (Destinations), how to travel (Getaways), and what to do when you get there (Adventures, Transformational Travel, Eco-tours). Each pillar has carefully crafted landing pages with relevant information and posts. In addition to the blog feed on the homepage, there are 62 forward-facing landing pages with relevant blog posts on our site giving readers multiple ways to find information once they come to our page.

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The Columbus biking article is displayed on the following category landing pages: Destinations, USA, Ohio, Adventures, and Biking. Not only do these landing pages provide value-added information to encourage a reader to take the trip they’re researching, but it also puts biking in Columbus in front of people generally planning on going to Ohio or searching for a biking adventure.

Digital Publisher

Coleman Concierge also has a digital publishing side of the house with direct syndication of long-form content on MSN, Google News, Blogarama, and more. We also utilize proprietary tools to transform select photo-rich articles into MSN Slideshows.

Over the last month (7/2023), our digital publishing has generated 652,000 page views across our syndication footprint above and beyond what’s shown on our web page analytics. Our 21 Fun Things to Do in Columbus Ohio – Unveiling the Vibrant Charm of the Capital City piece generated 3,200 page views alone as an MSN slideshow and some slideshows with catchy themes have over 250,000 page views.


Coleman Concierge also offers professional photography packages from award-winning photographers. These packages enhance a destination’s visual assets with our brand emphasis on outdoor adventure.

Each photo contains sufficient resolution for web or print applications with a negotiable but generally liberal usage policy and is processed through Lightroom for optimal quality. We delivered a Pixieset online photo gallery to Experience Columbus with 406 pictures available for purchase and a couple of free downloads as a thank-you gift.

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Putting it All Together

Why hire just an influencer or a writer when you can have it all with Coleman Concierge? Here’s a quick summary of why Coleman Concierge is a complete travel media company:

  • Traditional Media – 180 Muck Rack-verified outlets
  • Influencer – 65K highly engaged social media followers
  • Blogger – DA45 with industry-leading CMS
  • Digital Publisher – 650,000 avg. monthly page views on syndication
  • Photographers – Award-winning high-resolution photography packages

For more information, check out our Work With Us Page to find out more and get started booking Coleman Concierge promote your destination.

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