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Hi! We are Jenn and Ed Coleman aka Coleman Concierge. In a nutshell, we are a Huntsville-based Gen X couple sharing our stories of amazing adventures through activity-driven transformational and experiential travel.

We advocate for sustainable and ethical tourism and truly believe in the power of travel to transform both ourselves as well as the world around us. Our tagline is amazing adventures for ordinary people because we contend that you don't have to be super-rich, super-fit, or super-anything to have an amazing adventure. Expanding your comfort zone and trying new things will pay huge dividends in both health and happiness.

We want to help you succeed on the web by creating visually stunning and engaging content that will inspire. We deliver our content on time with prompt, professional courtesy, and responsiveness.

Coleman Concierge launched in 2016 and has grown rapidly ever since, more than doubling our audience every year! Our web and social channels now reach over 852k monthly viewers! We are proud members of NATJA, ATTA, IFWTWA, SATW, Impact Travel Alliance, and TravMedia. We have been recognized with Honorable Mentions for our work by NATJA (twice!), IFWTWA, and The Outdoor Media Awards.

Coleman Concierge is proud to be Brand Ambassadors for:

AllStar Liveaboards

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy 

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What We Write About

Coleman Concierge specializes in creating long-form detailed 'parlor-type' articles and shorter quick-hitter 'coffee shop' type pieces. Our services function on all levels of the sales funnel from inspiration to practical / point of sales writing. Our audience values personal narratives which build loyalty and brand trust. We utilize witty storytelling whenever possible to create content that is both value-rich and entertaining to read. Most of all we provide our readers with practical, down-to-earth advice to assist them in planning their next excursion. We focus on:

  • Adventure Travel
  • Couple’s Travel
  • Activity-Based/Outdoor Tours
  • Destination Guides
  • Experiential/Transformational Travel
  • Eco Travel
  • Luxury Travel
  • Cruises
  • Note-worthy Accommodations (including boutique, luxury, resorts, and eco-friendly hotels)
  • Culinary Experiences
  • Photography and Travel Tips
  • International and Domestic Destinations


Our audience consists of professional adult travelers. They are empty-nesters/no nesters with a large disposable income who travel activity/experience first. Unique and comfortable accommodations and delicious food complete the package. They value eco-friendly and sustainable options while enjoying the finer things in life.

Our audience is:

  • Divided almost 50/50 men vs women
  • 62% between 25-54
  • 68% live in the USA, followed by Singapore, UK, Sri Lanka, Canada, and Australia
  • Top 5 US states: California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois

Services we Provide:

  • Content Creation
  • Sponsored Posts
  • FAM/Press Trips
  • Social Media Promotion & Takeovers
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Freelance Writing
  • Reviews (hotel, restaurant, products, tours, etc.)
  • Collaborative Partnerships
  • Media Appearances

Brands We Have Worked with:

What our Partners are Saying:

"Jenn and Ed are dedicated and valued members of the Impact Travel Alliance Media Network. Jenn participated in a recent Visit Norway + Norwegian Air press trip campaign and truly delivered with her beautiful photos and thoughtful content across their website and social media platforms — even while fighting an illness. True professionalism! Coleman Concierge is a great value for brands looking for influencers with an engaged and growing travel audience."  - Meghan Aftosmis Sr. PR and Media Network Lead | Impact Travel Alliance 

“Ed and Jennifer have worked with myself and Pompano Dive Center on multiple occasions. Each time we spoke they both had clear focus and sound ideas to benefit all involved.  In meeting with them, we found them to be punctual, professional, and most importantly-they listened to our needs and what we are looking for.

Numerous ideas were implemented after agreeing on what we both expected from the experiences, and expectations were met or exceeded on all counts.”  --Tony Ernst, General Manager | Pompano Dive Center 

“Thanks so much for the wonderful coverage of Panama City Beach on your Coleman Concierge blog. We love the images and content and the PCB team agrees!”  --Charlotte Park, Account Supervisor | Lou Hammond Group

“Wow! I should hire you two for my marketing! I like your approach and all your ideas! This is more than we expected!”  --Lakmali Abeynayake Owner | Mahagedara Retreat  

“This is amazing. Thank you SO much for such wonderful coverage! It’s truly a beautiful writeup!”  --GiAnna Wyatt, Account Supervisor | The Dana Agency


What our Readers are Saying:

“I am flying from India to Sri Lanka tonight and I am so excited! This post has made me so happy, I am hoping to visit Kaudulla National Park and have been researching ecotourism rather than the horrible ways the elephants can be treated. I love this post and will be sharing it with everyone I am going with.”   -–Ambini

“Honestly this whole post is SUCH a good tip. I was looking at visiting Key West earlier this year, and was planning to fly into Miami/Ft Lauderdale, but I was just stunned at how expensive the hotels in Key West are! It was unreal. I've been to Key West before on a cruise excursion anyway, so it might be nice to stay in Islamorada and see somewhere new, and do another day trip to Key West. Awesome advice guys, that I will definitely be taking into consideration for my 2019 travel planning!” – Sarah

“This is such a great article! No, I had no idea that Fort Lauderdale was a good place to dive. We live so close. My husband and daughter (once the baby comes) are eager to get back into diving, as well as my son-in-law. The Sea Emperor is a new one on me. That looks really interesting but your turtle picture is the one that made me ooh and aah. ;)”   -– Melody  

“What a wonderful informative post! We have always wanted to go to Thailand but haven't been able to yet. We are DEFINITELY looking up Elephant Hills when we go! I am a hiker and a camper and this looks like it would be exactly my cup of tea. It is really important to support organizations that give directly back to the community and act in an ethical manner. Thanks for sharing this! It was a fantastic read!”   -– Aaron

“THANK YOU for introducing me to Zion Guru. I've seen their storefront, but never went inside. Seems we need a little guru'ing to help us on our next trip. We've been twice and weather, rock slides, etc. have prevented us from seeing the best parts. My hubby wants to do the Subway, I do note, but I could send him off with ZG and feel confident that he would be safe. But there are other areas I'd like to see and it's always awesome to have a good guide. Southern Utah is in our backyard and we fell hard for it on our RV trip so we will be back very soon!”   -– Andi


We are excited to share our journey with you

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Travel Responsibly

Here at Coleman Concierge, we encourage everyone to travel responsibly and believe there is potential for tremendous good for the world following that ethos. There is also the potential for horrific consequences from irresponsible travel. Before you go, please check out the latest CDC recommendations for travelers. Even if we can’t physically explore the world, we hope that you enjoy the escape our site provides during these stressful times. Keep your spirits up and your hands clean. There will be a time to travel soon enough.

Meet Ed and Jenn

Coleman Concierge

Coleman Concierge

Amazing Adventures for Ordinary People
Hi! We are Jenn and Ed Coleman, and together we are Coleman Concierge. It is our goal to inspire you to get out, expand your world, and to seek adventure, even in your own backyard.

We deeply believe in the transformational power of travel. Our tagline is amazing adventures for ordinary people because we believe that you don't have to be super rich, super fit or super anything to have an amazing adventure. Expanding your comfort zone and trying new things will pay huge dividends in both health and happiness.

We advocate for sustainable and ethical travel and truly believe in the power of travel to transform both ourselves as well as the world around us.

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