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We are Ed and Jenn Coleman, aka- Coleman Concierge, and we are glad you found us!  We look forward to sharing our journeys with you as we travel, adventure and explore the world as a couple.

Why Concierge?

A Concierge is typically a caretaker who lives on site or a guest services employee to help with your travels. We are both. We hope this site will serve as a guide to help and inspire you to get out, expand your world, and to seek adventure, even in your own backyard. Currently, home is on the beach in Southern California, but we have lived all over the mountains and deserts of the Western United States. It is our goal to always live somewhere that people choose to vacation.

Jenn the Industry Insider

Jenn is highly experienced with the service industry.  She is currently a Concierge at a well known San Diego hotel, a massage therapist at a five star spa, and also a fitness instructor.  She is also a chronic non-repeater (illustrated by her many professional hats) who enjoys the diversity of life.  Jenn worked her way across many of the top ski towns in America teaching skiing and guiding white water rafting during the summers. She has worked a lifetime in adventure and travel and knows the industry from the inside.

Ed the Mad Scientist 

Ed is a physicist in aerospace by day, crazy adventurist by night.  He drives the tech train around here and applies his industry knowledge to build, not just another blog, but a detailed content management system.  He knows the importance of travel and adventure to recharge the soul from the rigors of corporate America and family life.  He was the consummate weekend warrior, going on many crazy adventures like caving expeditions in Belize, hiking  the Grand Canyon Rim-Rim-Rim day hike (albeit a long day), climbing Baboquivari peak for his 30th birthday and racing in the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo mountain bike race.  Ed was not your ordinary rocket scientist or suburban dad. Now he is an empty nester looking to start the next chapter in his life.

Service to our readers

Along with our perspective and personality, we strive to provide tools and tips for you to experience heightened adventure in your own life. Count on us to include pertinent links and organize information in a logical order that will ignite your wanderlust, and give you practical resources to follow it.  We have some cool ideas for phase 2 and 3 of the site as we continue to grow and evolve, so stay tuned.  Feel free to send us your suggestions; we are in this together 😉  If you are interested in working with us click here.


We are excited to share our journey with you

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Finding Strange on the Shores of the Salton Sea

All we were looking for was a quiet hike through Painted Canyon for Easter. We found Jesus (again and again), took a pilgrimage to Mecca and climbed Salvation Mountain. Who knew there was so much strange on the shores of the Salton Sea.

We had been planning to go to Painted Canyon for the better part of two years. It’s a five-mile hike through slot canyons with ladders to aid the technical parts. It has been on our radar so long, we figured we would just wing it when the day finally came.

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The Game-TBEX and the Art of Networking

That One Book

Every now and then, a book comes along that really speaks to you and holds its value through the ages. The first such book for me was Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Rand’s poetic verse justified a higher morality of mind and spirit that was free from conventional judgement. For a young nerd, Objectivism validated my self worth and laid the seed for going on strike from aerospace by becoming a blogger. Who is John Galt anyway?

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Latest Posts in Featured Photos

Cheow Lan Lake

This is sunrise over Cheow Lan Lake in Thailand. We were staying the lake as part of a glamping Eco tour. The glamping allowed us the opportunity to wake up in nature, but did it meet the principles of Eco tourism? We explore that question in our latest blog post. There are over 40 pictures and four thousand words describing our elephant and lake tour in Khao​ Sok National Park. We are proud of this post and encourage everybody to go to our blog link in the IG bio and check it out.… Click to continue reading

RIP Mila the Elephant

Sad news from San Diego. Mila the elephant was found dead yesterday. We had a chance to visit Elephant Hills in Thailand last December and experience the magic of elephants first hand and take this picture. San Diego Zoo runs a geriatric elephant program for elderly elephants, which is how Mila arrived here from the Franklin Zoo in New Zealand. Mila lived to be 44 (which is old for an Elephant) under the watchful care of the San Diego Zoo.… Click to continue reading

Pura Vida

Pura Vida in English means, “Pure Life”. But these two words have much more meaning throughout the Costa Rican culture. Pura Vita can also be interpreted as “pure life”, “take it easy”, “enjoy life”, “all good”, “purity in life”, “hello”, “goodbye”, “this is life!” and many many more. .
Pura Vida! Means that no matter what your current situation is, life for someone else can always be less fortunate than your own. You need to consider that maybe…just maybe, your situation isn’t all that bad and that no matter how little or much you have in life, we are here on this beautiful earth together.… Click to continue reading