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In January 2019, we launched a promotional marketing campaign for Winter in Norway via our website and social channels. We created two interlocking, evergreen articles which are still seasoning on Google for SEO. Between our web pages and associated social media promotion, we have garnered over 124.8k Impressions on our Norway campaign so far. The detailed statistics and approach are described below.


It was our goal to write two related but unique articles highlighting travel to Norway. Visiting Norway In Winter – The Magic Of Snow And Shadows was a long form narrative piece describing the adventures and impact from the trip from Jenn’s first person point of view. The second piece was a quick hitting parlor piece highlighting the activities – 13 Reasons You’ll Love Winter In Norway. We interlock the articles via links building a silo structure that enhances SEO, web visibility, and web authority.


  • Total PV Generated for Destination and Surrounding Areas: 1,789 Total Pageviews
  • Visiting Norway In Winter – The Magic of Snow and Shadows: 906 Pageviews
  • 13 Reasons You’ll Love Winter in Norway: 883 Pageviews


INSTAGRAM @coleman_concierge & @conciergecorner

  • IG Stories- 29,198 views over 73 stories
  • Totals for sixteen posts over both Instagram accounts:
    • Impressions- 67,405
    • Reach- 53,665
    • Likes- 14,741
    • Comments- 493


Totals over 4 pins:

  • 9K Impressions
  • 144 Saves


  • Totals over 5 posts:
    • 697 Reached / 230 Reactions, comments, shares
  • Visiting Norway in Winter
    • 136 Reached / 77 Reactions, comments, shares
  • Alice’s Video
    • 63 Reached / 8 Reactions, comments, shares
  • My Fjord Video
    • 379 Reached / 106 Reactions, comments, shares
  • 13 Reasons to Visit
    • 119 Reached / 39 Reactions, comments, shares


839 Impressions over 4 tweets

A couple of our favorite comments we have received so far…

“Norway is an absolute winter wonderland! I would love to stay in a SORRISNIVA even for 1 night – though i don’t know if I’ll be able to handle the cold. You’ve totally inspired me to add Norway to my list and not just for the Northern lights.” – Ketki Gadre

“Oh my goodness – it sounds like that was a once-in-a-lifetime trip! Everything sounded incredible from the saunas to the dog sledding to the ice hotel to the Northern Lights. Hope I can check all of that out for myself one day! I’m so sorry; however, that you were sick. That is no fun when you’re traveling – but it sounds like you were a total trooper and made the best of it!” – Brianne

“This is a dream trip Mr. Misadventures and I want to do, particularly to do #8 and #9 – those animals. I still think the highlight of the trip was jumping in the fjord – I was astonished!” – Andi Fisher


Campaign Summary:

Egypt Case Study

Winter in Norway campaign successfully generated over 124.8k impressions on our web platform and social media outlets. This kind of viewership is sure to inspire many to choose to visit Norway in the winter. Our rich Pinterest pins and evergreen high-ranking SEO optimized content will continue to draw more viewers every day. We look forward to an ongoing partnership with Visit Norway, Norwegian Airlines, Impact Travel Alliance, North Adventure, Visit Natives and Visit Oslo to continue to build and enhance our Norway content.  

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