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In July 2019, we launched a promotional marketing campaign for Egypt with Innovative Travel via our website and social channels. We created five interlocking, evergreen articles that are still seasoning on Google for SEO. Between our web pages and associated social media promotion, we have garnered well over 113k Impressions on our Egypt campaign so far. The detailed statistics and approach are described below.


It was our goal to write five related but unique articles highlighting travel to Egypt:

We interlock the articles via links building a silo structure that enhances SEO, web visibility, and web authority.


  • Total PV Generated for Destination and Surrounding Areas: 10,434 Total Pageviews
  • Is Egypt Safe For Solo Female Travelers: 3,409 Pageviews
  • All the Ancient Egypt History Needed to Plan an Egyptian Vacation: 2,447 Pageviews
  • Ode to Egypt – Is It Still a Must See Destination?: 1,783
  • Seven Tips For a Luxury Nile Cruise That Will Convince You To Go: 1,601
  • Abu Simbel Tours – What You Need To Know: 1,194


INSTAGRAM @coleman_concierge

  • IG Stories- 35,094 views over 216 stories
  • Totals for 10 posts over both Instagram accounts:
    • Impressions- 41,343
    • Reach- 34,788
    • Likes- 10,572
    • Comments- 350


Totals over 5 pins:

  • 9.3K Impressions over the last 90 days (all-time impressions unknown, but will be substantially more)
Winter in Norway Case Study


  • Totals over 17 posts:
    • 7,546 Reached / 2,248 Reactions, comments, shares
  • Warm Welcome at Cairo Airport
    • 136 Reached / 24 Reactions, comments, shares
  • Pyramids from the Mena House
    • 676 Reached / 203 Reactions, comments, shares
  • Repost from Caryn
    • 70 Reached / 20 Reactions, comments, shares
  • Dedicated video about my feelings of safety in Egypt
    • 474 Reached / 81 Reactions, comments, shares
  • Good morning from the Mena House
    • 1,000 Reached / 358 Reactions, comments, shares
  • My next day in Egypt was full-on
    • 625 Reached / 232 Reactions, comments, shares
  • Today I discovered one of the most badass women
    • 1,200 Reached / 339 Reactions, comments, shares
  • What’s old is new again
    • 492 Reached / 115 Reactions, comments, shares
  • Are there crocodiles in the Nile
    • 197 Reached / 115 Reactions, comments, shares
  • Which Egyptian king loves his queen
    • 1,100 Reached / 209 Reactions, comments, shares
  • Goodbye for now Egypt
    • 238 Reached / 120 Reactions, comments, shares
  • I have always dreamed of going to Egypt
    • 166 Reached / 30 Reactions, comments, shares
  • Promo post for Is Egypt Safe For Solo Female Travelers
    • 543 Reached / 139 Reactions, comments, shares
  • Promo post for All the Ancient Egypt History Needed to Plan an Egyptian Vacation
    • 186 Reached / 62 Reactions, comments, shares
  • Promo post for Ode to Egypt – Is It Still a Must See Destination?
    • 183 Reached / 85 Reactions, comments, shares
  • Promo post for Seven Tips For a Luxury Nile Cruise That Will Convince You To Go
    • 151 Reached / 76 Reactions, comments, shares
  • Promo post for Abu Simbel Tours – What You Need To Know
    • 109 Reached / 40 Reactions, comments, shares


9,3337 Impressions over 5 tweets


A couple of our favorite comments we have received so far…

“I love the way you weave this story! Your passion and excitement for Egypt, after years of being intrigued by it, is so fun to read. Honestly Egypt was never really on my radar as a place to visit until I started reading your posts on it, and what you say about not truly seeing the world until you’ve experienced Egypt pretty much cements it for me – I’ve got to visit someday! I can’t believe Cairo is bigger than NYC, LA and Chicago combined…. that’s nuts. I’m not sure I could handle that haha but get me out to the Nile and the desert stat!! – Sarah

“I love posts like this. I tend to travel to a place that I know a little bit about, and then get SUPER interested in the history and study it all while I’m there or just after I leave – totally backwards! I need to spend more time reading about places before I go, so that I can more thoroughly enjoy the experience. I love that you made a complicated and lengthy subject – the history of Egypt! – so approachable and concise. This is awesome!” – Dani

“You make a good point – don’t believe everything you see on the news. I find that there are often misconceptions about Egypt, and am glad for companies like Innovative Travel who can help people see the amazing and safe parts for what they are.” – Hannah


Campaign Summary:

Key West Case Study - Fall 2018

Our Egypt campaign successfully generated over 113k impressions on our web platform and social media outlets. This kind of viewership is sure to inspire many to choose to Innovative Travel to book their own Egyptian vacation. Our rich Pinterest pins and evergreen high-ranking SEO optimized content will continue to draw more viewers every day. We look forward to an ongoing partnership with Innovative Travel to continue to share their amazing tours and destinations.

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