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Welcome to our Sunshine Blogger Role Call. It’s our goal to feature as many blogs and bloggers as possible. If you have been recognized with the Sunshine Blogger Award, please contact us so we can get you added to the list. We have many other ideas on how bloggers can help bloggers too. This is all one big community and everybody has so much to contribute. Without further ado – here’s the list so far.

  • Maureen Gets Real – A site by a recent college graduate who is learning to juggle work, personal life, and fitness.
  • Travel Optician – travel and photography blog where you can find your inspiration to leave your comfort zone and step into a drive around the world.
  • Quibblesandscribbles – For lovers for fiction.
  • The Traveling Spud – Here you’ll find my travel tips, crazy travel adventures, solo travel guides and tips for ditching the routine and living a life of adventure.
  • The Sterling Traveler – What is the Sterling Standard? The ambition to travel inexpensively without going cheap.
  • Witte’s World – A great place for adventure, good eats and a little bit about everything.
  • One Indian Girl – An ambitious Potterhead with a rebellious pen who writes letters, shares experiences and brutally honest opinions.
  • 100 Cobbled Roads – Recipes for delicious travel with a rich dose of history, culture and everyday exotic. Think vintage cafes, medieval streets, and specially cobbled roads.
  • Officer Travels – We want to take you on an adventure of a lifetime. So come with us and discover somewhere new!
  • (Your blog goes here. email us to get on the list if you are a Sunshine Blogger)
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