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Sometimes, everything just feels right

“Not talkin’ ’bout a year.  No not three or four. I don’t want that kind of forever in my life anymore.” sings Ben Harper.  That was our wedding song and a great introduction to us.  We met in spring of 2012 and, after a whirlwind romance, we were married a little over a year later.  Sometimes, everything just feels right and fits.  We’ll get into the mushy stuff in some later post, but the takeaway here is that we have a common life goal of travel and adventure that we are fulfilling with Coleman Concierge.

Step one: New knees

The first step was to get Jenn new knees. Technically, she only needed one more to complete the set when we met.   Two weeks after we got married, Jenn went under the knife.  Then came rehab;  lots of biking and stretching.  A “full recovery” means different things to different people. Our insurance believed that it meant you are recovered enough to hobble back to work.  We think it means you are healthy enough to enjoy life.

Step two: Move to the beach

Next came our move to San Diego.  We hoped the ocean and a fresh set of activities would chase the ghosts out of our lives.  Tucson was haunted by the ghosts of my empty nest, and Jenn knew if she started skiing again she would keep pushing herself past the limits of her cybernetic knees. We didn’t just move to San Diego.  We moved to the beach; Pacific Beach to be exact.  We took up all the water sports that we couldn’t find in the mountains or the deserts.  We started outrigger canoe racing, scuba, surfing, sup-ing and more.  Everything was fresh, new and invigorating.

Sunshine Blogger Award

Step 3: Exploring the big wide world

I knew that Jenn was onto something with her big world, short life policy of moving every couple of years.  Even though there are so many things to do in Tucson, it’s time to move when you stop noticing the Sonoran sunrises. We didn’t just happen upon the beach.  We discussed it, planned on it and even took it for a test drive on our destination wedding in the Bahamas.  We didn’t happen upon travel either.  We believe that traveling and discovering keeps us young and we have some research to support it.  We exercise different senses and neurological pathways. Smell new smells.  Meet new people and never quit learning.  That is what this blog is all about.

Come share our adventures

We hope to share the joy of learning and discovery.  I’d like to think we are somewhere between a guide, a host, and just a couple you met at the coffee shop showing you pictures on their phone.  Ben Harper continues – “now I hope I can find my forever a home”.   Maybe that will come someday.  Maybe it’s some small mountain town with a wood burning stove, a Burmese Mountain dog, and some flavor of cat to keep the dog company.  All I know for now is that we are going to enjoy exploring the world before we ‘settle down’, and regardless of where we are, if we are together we are home.


Bahamas Honeymoon