Check Out These Can't Miss American Castles

Castles in America

Castillo de San Marco St Augustine, FL

The Castillo de San Marco is a true American castle built for military purposes and never defeated in battle. Built in 1695 to protect the port of St Augustine, it’s oldest masonry fortification in the continental United States.

Belvedere Castle  New York, NY

Perhaps the most visited American castle is the Belvedere Castle in the middle of Central Park. It was designed by Calvert Vaux and Jacob Wrey Mould to be purely ornamental, but today it’s one of the park’s most popular attractions.

Boldt Castle  Alexandria, NY.

In 1900, millionaire George C Boldt began constructing a castle as a gift for his wife. Sadly, she passed away four years later and he never finished the project. But don't worry, today you can tour the castle and grounds! Just hop on a boat in Alexandria Bay or Clayton..

Biltmore Estate  Asheville, NC

The Biltmore Estate is the biggest private residence in the United States. Built by the Vanderbilts in the late 19th century as a country home for the family, it’s one of the highlights of a visit to Asheville.

Hammond Castle  Gloucester, MA

In 1922, John Hays Hammond Jr. created his own private castle in Massachusetts, serving as his home, laboratory, and gallery. Today, the Hammond Castle offers tours of his private collection and grounds.

Bannerman Castle  Pollepel Island, NY

The Bannerman Castle in New York still towers high above the Hudson River, but is deemed unsafe for visitors. The Bannerman Castle trust still leads walking tours of the island and many paddlers enjoy seeing the castle from the water.

Ha Ha Tonka Castle  Camdenton, MO

Ha Ha Tonka Castle was begun by Robert McClure Snyder in 1905, but after he passed away the following year, his sons finished it in the early 1920s. Though it served as a hotel in the Great Depression and was destroyed in 1942, the castle still remains and provides an outstanding sunset view at Ha Ha Tonka State Park.

Loveland Castle  Loveland, OH

Loveland Castle, or Château Laroche, is a medieval-style castle situated by the Little Miami River. Built by Harry Delos Andrews, a World War I veteran mistakenly declared dead, he found inspiration from European castles after his fiancée married another. Nowadays, the castle serves as a museum, wedding venue, and Boy Scout campsite.

Hearst Castle  San Simeon, CA

William Randolph Hearst and architect Julia Morgan built Hearst Castle, a magnificent 165-room mansion surrounded by 123 acres of gardens, pools, and an extensive art collection. Located between San Francisco and LA on the Big Sur Coast, it’s a must-see destination for road trippers exploring one of the most breathtaking scenic routes in the country.

Castello di Amorosa  Calistoga, CA

Visit Castello di Amorosa, the Tuscan-style castle in Napa Valley. Enjoy award-winning wines and food pairings, surrounded by architectural features like a drawbridge and moat. Book a reservation for unique experiences including a complimentary tasting of 5 wines or upgraded tastings at The Castle of Love.

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