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Taking a romantic getaway to Fort Lauderdale is the perfect way to reconnect with your lover, to clear away stress and distractions, and to create a memory to cherish. With seven miles of beaches in the city and another 24 miles stretched through Broward County, water activities abound, but there is more. Fort Lauderdale calls itself the Venice of America because of the over 300 miles of canals.

Florida is the Sunshine State, and Fort Lauderdale gets around 246 days of sunshine a year. A myriad of activities are available in this natural playground of sun and water. We have been working to find their best romantic dates and share them with you. Fort Lauderdale is so beautiful that we will have to keep coming back so we can discover more fun and romantic things to do.

Walking Hand in Hand on Hollywood Beach Boardwalk

USA Today ranks Hollywood Boardwalk as Florida’s best beach boardwalk. Jorge Camejo, Executive Director of the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency, had this to say about the honor “This validates what the locals already know – Hollywood’s Broadwalk offers the best beach experience in the Sunshine State and is a unique American treasure whose renown is steadily growing around the world.”

Hollywood’s Broadwalk offers the best beach experience in the Sunshine State and is a unique American treasure whose renown is steadily growing around the world.”

Hollywood Beach creates an entertainment sandwich. On one side, there is the Atlantic Ocean where shimmering blue water invites swimmers in, while sunbathers watch from the warm white sand. On the other, a row of resorts like Diplomat Resort & Spa Hollywood, Trump Hollywood, and Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort are available to cool your thirst or host you for the night.

Tempting restaurants line the boardwalk like CAFÉ CLUB by Les Artistes which offers crepes and more. There is also the popular Pachamanka Authentic Peruvian Cuisine where you can get perhaps the freshest ceviche in Florida. In between all of this goodness runs the 2.5-mile boardwalk where you can walk, bike, or run on a broad, paved path to soak up all of the sun and fun.

Taking the Plunge Scuba Diving in Fort Lauderdale

Scuba diving isn’t a date you say? I’ve met more married couples who met over scuba than any other activity. When you dive, you put your trust explicitly in your partner. You learn to communicate without words. You share an experience that transcends everyday life and transports you to another world.

If you haven’t considered a scuba date, perhaps you should. Scuba diving in Fort Lauderdale offers some of the best diving in Florida. The warm Gulf Stream waters flow along 23 miles of reefs. The inner and middle reef provides easy dive sites under 60’ for open water divers, and the outer reef reaches depths of 100’ for advanced divers. Not only can you see tropical corals and colorful fish, there are dozens of wrecks to explore complete with rich histories and even some underwater art. We want to dive on every trip to Fort Lauderdale because there is just so much to explore.

Strolling Along Romantic Las Olas Boulevard

Las Olas is Spanish for “the waves.” The Boulevard started as a simple dirt road that led to the beach and has grown to a “must visit destination” with over three dozen bistros, clubs, and restaurants. The quality and variety of offerings make it a food lovers paradise. The ambiance of indoor/outdoor dining with live music filling the air and views of million-dollar homes along the Inner Coastal Waterway make it the perfect date night.

While you are waiting for your table or your food to settle you can explore more than 120 specialty retail shops, world-class art galleries, and unique boutiques. We walked hand in hand exploring the street scene, people watching, and stopping whenever a song caught our attention. It was magical in its simplicity, and we can’t wait to return for a tour from the water.

Savoring the Most Romantic Restaurants and Bars of Fort Lauderdale


Valentino Cucina Italiana 

Valentino claims innovative cuisine with a modern Italian twist. Expect white linen service and delicious food with impeccable presentation. Owner and Chef Giovanni Rocchio and his team are front and center in the open kitchen design so the true foodie can watch the creation of their culinary masterpiece.

One Door East

One Door East is the sister restaurant to Valentino and shares the same building. This side by side restaurant experience creates an opportunity to explore two great menus and venues on the same date. One Door East features globally inspired tapas, creative cocktails, craft beer, and beyond. The industrial setting and large bar make this the perfect area for socializing. Throughout the week they offer live music and dancing to complete a perfect romantic date night.

Ella Café

We all know that the best romantic date nights include breakfast. At Ella Café, coffee is their passion. In addition to outstanding coffee, they offer a cozy ambiance and an excellent selection of savory specialties. We had a charcuterie and cheese board that delighted our taste buds. We also watched young love blossom before our eyes. A shy high school couple were awkwardly sipping coffee together on what was abundantly clear was one of their first dates ever. I never had that kind of cool to take my dates out for coffee and conversation and even remember to pick up the tab. Perhaps this will be a story they tell their grandkids about how they met or maybe the birth of a young Casanova. Either way, it speaks to the romantic power of good coffee.

Ann’s Florist and Coffee Bar

You might be noticing a bean theme in our romance. We wrote our own wedding vows, and as it turned out, three of our vows we promised one another were devoted to our respective coffee habits:

Ed to Jenn– I promise to bring your morning coffee with a smile and clean the kitchen afterward

Jenn to Ed– I promise no hard conversations before coffee
I promise to support your coffee habit…before 4 pm.

We stretched the last one just a bit at Ann’s Florist and Coffee Bar. We were strolling down Olas Boulevard and were drawn in by the decadent desserts. The lattes looked too good to pass up, so we ordered a dessert coffee to share. We sat on the patio watching the couples stroll by and listening to a surprisingly good female duet playing under the balcony.

Wrapping up a Perfect Romantic Getaway to Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale’s combination of water, sun, and fun makes it an extraordinary destination for a romantic getaway. We are looking forward to many more trips to experience everything Fort Lauderdale offers and to bring home the spark that keeps relationships happy and healthy. If you have any suggestions or experiences for romantic dates in Fort Lauderdale, please let us know in the comments.

Disclosure: Though portions of our weekend getaway were sponsored, the views and opinions expressed are entirely our own. We stand behind our recommendations, regardless of who is picking up the tab.

Looking to take a romantic weekend getaway with your special someone? Fort Lauderdale Florida has all of the makings for romance. There is nothing like the smell of the ocean breeze, delicious culinary offerings, adventurous outdoor activities, and romantic strolls hand and hand to create memories to last a lifetime. Click the pin to find out our recommendations for the ultimate romantic getaway. #RomanticGetaway #FortLauderdale #Florida #WeekendGetaway #RomanticWeekend

Looking for the perfect romantic getaway? Look no farther than Fort Lauderdale Florida. With 7 miles of beaches in town there is no shortage of water activities and romantic strolls, but there's more. Fort Lauderdale calls itself the Venice of America with over 300 miles of canals, & what's more romantic than that? Click to create a weekend getaway guaranteed to ignite that romantic spark. #RomanticGetaway #FortLauderdale #Florida #WeekendGetaway #RomanticWeekend

Is it time to plan a romantic weekend with your honey? Fort Lauderdale Florida is an ideal spot for a couples getaway. Whether you're looking for the perfect romantic restaurant, an adventurous activity, or somewhere to walk hand and hand enjoying your sig. others company in a tropical locale, we've got you covered. Click pin find out our favorite tips for an unforgettable romantic getaway in Fort Lauderdale. #RomanticGetaway #FortLauderdale #Florida #WeekendGetaway #RomanticWeekend

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