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Baja was wild, amazing, secluded, and unique

Baja for me (Ed) was always an enticing possibility.  Baja was wild, amazing, secluded, and unique. It was also a reasonable drive from my long time home in Tucson Arizona. With two small kids and a limited travel budget, that was very important. I borrowed a friend’s copy of Walt Paterson’s Baja Adventure book and photocopied all the interesting sections. (This was pre-internet trip planning).


Armed with manilla envelope of black and white copies I made my plans

Armed with manilla envelope of black and white copies I made my plans. First we would drive to the ferry at Guaymas and cross over to Santa Rosario. Then, an easy drive down the coast to Loreto Bay and all the wonders it held. Step by step we forged deeper into Mexico. The first real trip was the ubiquitous Arizona gringo trip to Puerto Peñasco and next a deeper sojourn to San Carlos, the beautiful twin city to the rugged port town of Guaymas. On that particular day in San Carlos, the oceans were angry. I collected the crazy shells washing up on the beach while some friends went diving. One of them had a serious accident that day which, in reality, derailed any further family trips into Mexico. I was not going to board the ferry and cross over to the promised land of Baja for many years to come.


The promise of Baja was not forgotten

Mexico_monkeyThe promise of Baja was not forgotten. It swam on the periphery of my consciousness, kept afloat by the trip reports of friends visiting blue whales, eating amazing fish tacos, diving, driving and exploring my unrequited dream. I would pull out my now faded envelope and retrace the route from Baja Adventure and imagine the gift I could have given my children. Fast forward to today. This is the very last spring break before my youngest child goes to college. My new wife, Jenn, is my trusted travel friend, and my mother is celebrating her seventieth birthday and we wanted to go somewhere. Why not Baja?


The trip was as amazing as I imagined

Loreto Pink FlowersTeen angst and aged fears melted against the backdrop of amazing beauty and serenity. We laughed, played, explored and most of all connected, really connected on this trip. Loreto is a friendly town with a safe, clean feel and welcoming people. The bay is stunning and the value for the price point on food and lodging was phenomenal. The drive is long but manageable and the biodiversity and endemic plants make it worthwhile. Just make sure you stop for gas before the 389 km dry spot. I would recommend this trip to anybody who likes discovery and would enjoy traveling to an amazing, yet relatively undeveloped paradise.


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