Travel Gift Ideas for 2023: Practical Presents for Every Type of Explorer

Holiday Gifts

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Holiday season is in full swing! If you haven’t already whipped out those lists and started shopping, NOW is the time! Stuck on what to snag for your favorite peeps? Fear not! Our 2023 gift guide is here to save the day! Whether your friends and loved ones are jet-setters or daydreaming about a quick getaway, we’ve got the perfect presents lined up.

Now, here’s the kicker: while our list is travel-inspired, these gifts aren’t just for the nomads among us. They’re for everyone seeking a touch of adventure or relaxation, even if it’s just in their own backyard.

In the interest of full disclosure, this holiday gift guide contains affiliate links. Using them supports our work and helps us keep our site going – without any extra cost to you. So if you are using this guide, we would be super grateful if you do your gift shopping through these links. We have done our best to curate our favorite products to recommend to you! So, kick back, grab some eggnog, and let’s dive into these 12 categories of awesomeness. It’s shopping time, folks! 

Digital Must-Haves

Ed is not so secretly hoping to get these babies in his stocking. The Dnniakm Bone Conduction Headphones are so waterproof and sweatproof you can wear them swimming! Their open-ear safety design has a secure fit but allows you to be aware of your surroundings even when in motion, making them a great choice for cycling!

Earpods make a great gift for anyone. Whether traveling, working out, or just relaxing to your own sounds. We especially like these models for quality and weather resistance. We have a higher end model and one for more mid-priced one for both Apple and Android below.

Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) Wireless Bluetooth Ear Buds – Sweat and Water Resistant, Lightning Charging Case 

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Noise Cancelling Earbuds-Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Beats Fit Pro – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds – Compatible with Apple & Android

Never be caught outside again with a dead battery. This portable solar power bank is high efficiency, super fast, and waterproof!

Friends don’t let friends lose charge. This pocket-sized portable phone charger charges two phones at once with speed, temperature control, and surge protection.

From cell phones to cameras to laptops, when traveling the world we have a myriad of devices we need to charge on the reg. That’s where an International Travel Adapter comes in. This one is super compact with 4 USB ports and works in over 150 countries.

Sometimes one of the more frustrating things while travel is finding good wi-fi. The obvious answer is to carry your own. The SIMO Solis Lite is a mobile WiFi hotspot & power bank combo with lifetime data and 4G LTE. 

Don’t get scammed at the mechanic again, get FIXD! FIXD plugs into any gas, diesel or hybrid car – 1996 and newer (no tools or pros required!). It instantly tells you why your ‘Check Engine Light’ is on, how bad it is, and even estimates the repair bill! (all in simple and easy to understand terms). It’s like having a mechanic in your pocket, which we absolutely love!

Photography Pros and Wanna-Be Pros

If you don’t have a photo it didn’t happen…right? Taking great photos is a must to capture those special moments in life. The SeaLife Micro 3.0 is my underwater go-to—loaded with manual adjustability, 4 underwater shooting modes, built-in color correction, and the Dragon Dual beam light set. This lightweight camera is a perfect companion for adventures on land and underwater.

The gift Jenn is not so secretly coveting for video and still shots while in action is the Insta360 ONE RS Twin Edition. The Insta360 is a versatile camera setup with a core module and two lenses: a 4K Wide Angle Mod and a 5.7K 360 Mod. It offers high-resolution shooting, 360-degree capture, and various modes for different shooting styles. Its modularity and durability allows for diverse shooting needs such as action sports.

Jenn’s must-have accessory is the Insta360 3m 9.8ft Extended Edition Selfie Stick. This sturdy stick will allow you to get those sweeping shots from above in places you can’t fly a drone.

Speaking of drones…the DJI Mini 4 Pro Drone is a great choice for a starter or a travel drone. The ultralight Mini 4 Pro is DJI’s most advanced mini-camera drone to date. It integrates powerful imaging capabilities, omnidirectional obstacle sensing, ActiveTrack 360° with the new Trace Mode, bringing even more things to love for pros and beginners alike. Included is the DJI remote controller with a built-in DJI Fly app (that does not require your phone!). Great for travelers weighing in at 249 grams, making it easy to carry and fly in most countries without training or exams.

This camera has literally been a game-changer for me! This lightweight, mirrorless, full-frame camera by Sony packs in a whopping 42.4 megapixels for tack-sharp images. It is also consistently at the top of the list(s) for being one of the best cameras for epic astrophotography…to which I say…HELL YEA!!

The #1 tip all professional photographers will tell you to getting tack-sharp gorgeous photos is stabilizing the camera with a tripod. Most are big and bulky but not the Joby Gorilla Pod. Small, strong, flexible, and stable, it is a great way to get great shots on the go.

Out hiking or playing and want to shoot photos, but also want to keep your hand free sometimes? Enter the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3. It holds your camera during any physical activity while providing instant access for picture taking.

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3

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Nothing hampers a good shot more than a dirty lens. This lens pen is compact and will work like a charm for all of your optical items.

Travel Organized and Safe

Packing cubes are on every avid traveler/ travel bloggers gift guide, and for good reason! I never understood what all the hoopla was about until we traveled to Thailand for almost a month with only a backpack. These babies keep your items organized and separated (think dirty stinky clothes) and packed so compactly you can fit more in your pack then you realized. These ones are our favorite.

It was time for an upgraded computer bag, so we ordered a Knack Series 2: Medium. When we unpacked the box, I thought we had ordered a piece of tech hiking gear. The pack was more outdoor chic than a perfunctory office tool. It wasn’t until I unzipped the main pocket and slid my laptop in that I started to believe it was a computer bag. After I found storage compartments for all my cables and accessories, I was convinced of its functionality.

Carry all of your important travel documents like ID, passport, and credit cards in one organized place without fear of ID theft via scanning with an RFID blocking travel organizer.

Looking for something more compact? This one is also RFID blocking and great for men and women.

Not only is it important to keep your passport and credit cards safe while traveling, you also want to protect your phone. Being a bit of a klutz, I love the Lifeproof case. Ed tends to be hard on both phones and cases, so can confirm that Lifeproof has great customer service and a  fast responsive warranty department.

Lifeproof FRE Waterproof Case for iPhone

Lifeproof FRE Waterproof Case for Samsung

On the Road (or Plane) in Comfort

Ever wish you could sleep while sitting straight up? Whether in a plane, train, or automobile, you too can sleep in comfort with this handy memory foam travel pillow.  We dig this guy because it comes with a soft washable cover and its own travel bag.

We love to travel, but our biggest complaint is awful pillows. We have bamboo pillows at home, and they are amaz-balls! We are now ruined for all other pillows. Luckily we can now take our favorite pillow from home on the road without the bulk and never suffer a poor nights sleep again.

Sometimes you just gotta block it all out to get a bit of rest. This set by Bedtime Bliss includes a sleep mask and earplugs in its own carry case to help you get some shut-eye.

There is nothing that says relaxation more than slipping into some soft fuzzy sox. These are especially great because they have grippers on the bottom to keep you from losing that chill vibe with a fall on your bootie.

Practical and Pampering Personal Care Products

One of the things that I always found challenging was how to fly carry-on and still have great hair. TSA allowances don’t allow for much liquid, and I hate all those little plastic bottles. Then I discovered shampoo and conditioner bars. These left my hair clean, soft and smelling delish. They also come with their own plastic container.

There is nothing better than CBD to help what ails you. We are especially fond of this broad-spectrum CBD roll-on for sore and aching muscles! This powerful muscle and joint formula immediately cools and soothes providing long-lasting relief in a non-greasy formula.

While out on travel it is key to have 1 convenient toiletry bag that you can not only fit everything in, but you can easily find and access your items. These two are our winners for him and her.

Gonex Dopp Kit Shaving Bag Toiletry Organizer Black

Mermaid Travel Cosmetic Bag

Say goodbye to your old toothbrush container. Keep your teeth and yourself healthy with this UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Case. Eliminates up to 99.9% of the germs and bacteria on your toothbrush.

No matter who you are or what you have going, a travel towel is a darn good thing to have. We especially like this one because its large enough to use after the shower, soft, quick drying and super compact.

Eco-Warriors Making a Difference

When shopping, we make a point to use our own reusable grocery bags, but with both of us being blonde, we tend to forget them in the car. With these bags, that is a problem of the past. They fit in my purse, are washable and can carry up to 28 lb comfortably.

One of the best things you can do for the oceans and baby sea turtles is to eliminate plastic straws, but what if you are a straw fan? We love these reusable straws. All the fun of straw sipping, and eco-conscious to boot.

Speaking of being blonde, Ed and I are also quite fair-skinned. If Ed had his druthers he’d rock a full body latex onesie at the beach, lol! Being avid scuba divers, it is important to us keep the reefs just as safe as we want to keep our skin. This point was reinforced to us on our ethical snorkeling trip to Key West. That’s why this reef-safe biodegradable sunscreen is our new best friend.

Care for your pearly whites while you wage war on plastic with a recyclable bamboo toothbrush. They are environmentally friendly with charcoal activated bristles while gentle on your teeth. It comes with mint flovored charcoal dental floss.

Do you want all the goodness of bottled water, none of the badness and waste of single-use plastic bottles? We make sure we have this guy with us at all times, especially on International travel. We stay hydrated and don’t contribute to the plastic waste epidemic.

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Outdoor Enthusiasts and Aficionados

Since moving to Florida, it has become even more apparent that if we want to get outside and play there will usually be water involved. Whether we are kayaking, paddleboarding, canyoneering, or just taking a hike, there is always a chance of the random (or not so random) downpour. That’s why this daypack/ drybag is our new favorite.

A headlamp makes a useful and practical gift for any outdoor lover on your list. This one is bright enough for most uses (although if you want to use it for cycling we’d recommend at least 360 lumens) and is both lightweight and convenient with USB changeability.

My must-have hiking product is collapsible hiking poles hands down! I discovered this secret when my knees started to go. They got me through many a tough hike, including Havasu Falls with one artificial knee and one in need of replacement.  They really do help diffuse the impact on potentially painful downhills. They also double a weapon in the event of an animal attack…lol! These are small enough to take in your suitcase or carry-on.

These 100% Waterproof Breathable Socks are not only waterproof, they are windproof and breatheable! The Ultra-light cushion sole provides great comfort and fit while keeping your feet cool and dry for hiking, running, cycling or wherever you find yourseld outdoors!

Though not a necessity, a travel hammock is a little luxury that makes chill-time in the outdoors that much more zen. This one rocks because it fits two, double the chill, double the zen.

Water purification products make for a great gift for anyone who is outdoorsy or an international traveler.  These two are easily carried on any adventure.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

SteriPen Adventurer Opti

Crazy Pet Parents

When our cat camera died we knew we wanted another, but we wanted one that both interact with our cats and could also monitor and record them so we can check in with them when we are away. After much research we purchased the Furbo 360° Rotating Cat Camera Treat Dispenser, and we couldn’t be happier!

You can dispense treats remotely via an app and communicate through two-way audio, making it a fun and interactive way to stay connected with your furry friend, even when you’re not at home. I’m not going to lie, it’s kinda like an app to play hungry hungry hippos with you cat, lol, fun for all!

Keep your favorite photos of your fur-babies close at hand with this digital photo frame. We are especially excited about this one because we were looking to get one as a gift a couple of years ago, but it was too expensive.  This one is way more in the ballpark cost wise.

This is seriously one of the cutest things we have seen for that crazy cat mom or dad, or small dog owner on the go that wants to include their pet on their day to day. The bonus is fashion colors and an astronaut vibe.

This dog selfie stick just straight up cracks us up. We know from being cat owners it can be tough to capture that perfect selfie with your furry family member. Our only question is if it will hold a nip-filled mouse 😉

Functional and Fashionable Clothing

PrAna makes travel, adventure and yoga clothes that are practical, ethical and stylish. We love that this brand is inclusive (goes up to size XXL-18 for women, XXXL 43-44 for men) and cares about fair trade and sustainability. Wins all around for them in our book.

Speaking as a girl who is a bonified mosquito magnet, this line of clothing from Exofficio is the best thing since sliced bread. It is both expensive and time-consuming coating clothing with bug repellent. Now, thanks to their bugsaway technology, I have more to devote to other, equally tedious tasks…did anyone say social media marketing?? Lol

ExOfficio Women’s BugsAway

ExOfficio Men’s BugsAway

This one is just for the ladies…. If you are a bit on the Rubenesque as I am, or just have narrow hips, when wearing a skirt or dress inner thigh chaffing is real…and awful…real awful! Hot climates are the worst! My secret weapon is a tight, moisture-wicking yoga-type shorts. In a pinch, you can always swipe a pair of your man’s synthetic boxer briefs, but these babies are comfy, have tummy-control. and a stash pocket. I bet his chonies don’t have those features!

Ed has a low-key aversion to too much UV on his skin. He would rock a nylon onesy to the beach if I would let him…lol! The PELAGIC Stratos Performance Shirt has been a game changer for us both. Ultra-soft and ultra protective with UV 50, Ed is comfortable and protected, and he looks great to boot!

It doesn’t matter if you are a dude or a lady, one of the best items you can take on travel, especially to somewhere beachy of to SE Asia is a sarong. It can compensate for an accidental pair of shorts or tank top if visiting a temple, works as a beach blanket, swim cover-up, changing room, scarf, pillow, light blanket, impromptu going out attire…and I could go on and on.

Coffee Connoisseurs and Devotees

Anyone that knows Ed and I knows that, not only does coffee play an integral part of our morning routine, it is practically imperative to our day to day functions. As a matter of fact, several of our wedding vows to one another involve coffee. The AeroPress Coffee Maker is easy to use and clean up and has gotten us through many road trips and camping excursions.

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This little gem of a travel mug is great for both the coffee and tea connoisseur in your life. Freshly pressed coffee and tea all around!

If espresso is your poison and regular coffee just won’t do, this is the gift to get. Small and super lightweight with superior pressure pumping power, you will get that perfect 1/4 inch of crema on your shots.

A spillproof reusable coffee/tea travel mug makes the perfect gift for any hot beverage lover on the list. We love this one because it comes in all kinds of awesome colors and vacuum seals.

Take your coffee on the go to the next level with this bad boy! This is high on my list to keep my morning Ed-a-chino warm with out the microwave (he makes it for me before he leaves for work around 7ish, I get to it around 8:30), lol!

Endless Entertainment and Reading

One thing we all have in common, and can’t be denied, is our need and love of entertainment. Regardless of our location, be it at home or traveling.  We have put together a few of our most entertaining picks.

The best thing you can get for the book lover on your list is a Kindle. We love this one because it is reasonably priced with a glare-free touchscreen and a free subscription to Audible.

Ultimate Journeys for Two

If you prefer to read your books the old school way, and want them with a side of travel inspiration, you will love Ultimate Journeys for Two by our friends Mike & Anne of They have written National Geographic’s first book on couples travel. In this gorgeous coffee-table-meets-guide, they’ve pinpointed their 75 favorite destinations, best tips, most inspiring stories, and handiest travel hacks. It’s organized by type of experience–so no matter if you (or that couple on your holiday list) are into beaches, mountains, deserts, or road trips, you’ll find amazing new places to match your style. 

How to Quit Your Job & Travel: Everything You Need to Travel Long Term (& All the Things Nobody Tells You)

“If you’ve ever dreamed of putting it all on hold, packing a bag, and hopping on a plane to escape reality for a while, I’m writing this book for you.” We are excited to share with you the first book (currently in pre-sale) from our friend (and one of our favorite people) Lia Garcia from the website Practical Wanderlust. Lia spills all the things nobody tells you about the reality of long term travel – and coming home again – with stories from her own disastrous year-long honeymoon. This book is a practical, step-by-step guide to learn to tackle each of the challenges preventing you from taking off on a long-term trip, from finances to the fear of returning to reality, all with the nitty-gritty logistics you will need to work out along the way. 

How Santa, Rudolph and Sedrick the Camel saved Christmas

Though we at Coleman Concierge cater to an adult audience, there are not too many adults who do not have a child in their life and on their holiday list! Our friend Robyn (the Managing Director of Innovative Travel, the amazing travel company Jenn went to Egypt with in 2019) wrote the story of how Santa, Rudolph and Sedrick the Camel saved Christmas. It is a heart-warming story of hope and unity, overcoming the Covid-19 challenges even in the North Pole! It is written for all children (young and old) who believe in Santa Claus.


Games can be a great way to not only pass the time but to bring people together. The new generation of card games are mobile and provide hours of laughs, not to mention valuable insights into the psyches of your friends, family members, and travel companions. The first game shown, Cards Against Humanity, has been a longstanding holiday tradition in the Coleman household. Does that make us horrible people?

Cards Against Humanity

Late Night Stories

What the Meme?

Telestrations After Dark Board Game

The Hard to Shop For

For those in your life that have everything or are just straight up hard to shop for, the Gift Card is like manna from shopping heaven. Here are a few of our picks.

Gift Guide Wrap-Up

You guys are still here? Thanks for staying with us through all 12 categories and over 60 items. We hope that you found a gift or two that you would be proud to give. We know that we put a lot of thought into this list for you. We also hope that you all have a safe and happy holiday season filled with joy, laughter, family, and the perfect gift❣️

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, we earn a commission if you make a purchase. We would never recommend anything we don’t personally love, and the income goes to keeping this site updated and free for everyone!

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