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Key West is the perfect fantasy world where reality meets possibility. Join us on a journey and choose how you would spend your perfect romantic day in paradise.
Havasu Falls is high on the bucket list for many hikers once they see a picture of the aqua blue water cascading down red rock walls into the crystal pool below. The Havasupai people have been here for over 800 years. If you are able to obtain a permit for this magical place, you will understand why they never left.
Ft Lauderdale scuba diving- the most fun you can have with your fins on. Our guide and map highlight 23 miles of natural coral reef & over 100 shipwrecks.
The snow-white beaches of Florida's Emerald Coast bring over 13 million visitors a year for a good reason. Here's 25 of our favorite photos to inspire you to head to Panama City Beach for your next getaway.
Imagine rapelling down a cliff at Zion NP? Zion Guru's guided tour full of adventure and inspiration might be the perfect introduction to canyoneering.
Can you imagine anything more vulnerable than baby sea turtles? Turtle Treks save sea turtles from the bright lights of South Florida & give you an unforgettable experience.
Cloudland Canyon is one of Georgia’s most rugged and beautiful state parks. Here is our complete guide to the parks hiking trails and capturing it on film.
Taking a romantic getaway to Fort Lauderdale is the perfect way to reconnect with your lover, to clear away stress and distractions, and to create a memory to cherish. With seven miles of beaches, water activities abound, but there is more. Join us to discover why Fort Lauderdale will keep that spark burning.
What would your perfect Fort Lauderdale romantic restaurant date look like? Of course, it would start with delightful drinks and fabulous food, but what about ambiance? Chef and owner Giovanni Rocchio caters to two distinctly different ideals with his dual restaurant concept of Valentino Cucina Italiana & One Door East.
Ocean Beach, Ca. is a beach city outside of San Diego. It is home to golden sunsets and hippie culture. It was once known as the Haight-Ashbury of San Diego.
Suwannee River State Park in northern Florida sits on the limestone bluffs about halfway between Jacksonville and Tallahassee. It’s a perfect base camp for canoeing, hiking, or an overnight stop for through paddling on the Suwannee River. Check out our guide to help you to get the most out of this beautiful state park.
Scuba Diving in Ft Lauderdale - Pompano Beach topped our Florida bucket list for a while with it's spectacular coral reefs and the largest collection of warm-water wrecks in the US. Learn why Pompano Dive Center has earned 5-Stars on Trip Advisor and experience with us Fort Lauderdale's tropical underwater wonders.
Everybody who has hiked Angels Landing in Zion National Park will tell you their story. Sometimes, it’s of extreme beauty. Other times it's sheer terror....
What is a campout without a good true scary story? Like most scary stories, these are grounded in history. While there are no known fabrications, the absolute truth may have been weaved with a little innuendo, but nothing we have are presented is pure fiction or fabrication. These are real scary stories of the Suwannee.
Looking for airboat tours in the Everglades but afraid of theatrics or concerned about animal ethics? We found a trip in Fort Lauderdale you can tell your friends about.
A great writer transcends people and places to reach the core of man’s soul. The Hemingway Home in Key West took me on an expected journey deep into my spirit.
What’s the recipe for a good time in Santa Cruz? You take a little bit of ocean, a little bit of forest, and a little bit of theme park. It’s a little bit of everything, and like nothing you have seen before.
GG’s Waterfront Grill offers casual elegance, locally sourced seafood, and perhaps the best sunsets in Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood Beach.
Hiking in Tucson is both ephemeral and timeless. There is a narrow window early in the morning, before the heat sets in, that you really want to hike....
Berry Falls is the premier hike of Big Basin Redwoods State Park in California. The notoriety is in part, because it’s a difficult but manageable hike.
What is the easiest trail in Zion? Many people would say Watchman Trail for good reason. True, it has roughly 500’ of elevation gain but.....
Ruby Falls, one of the Southeast’s must see attractions, lay hidden 1120’ under Lookout Mountain until discovered in 1928.Today, it’s part tourist trap, part Chattanooga icon and part testament to the spirit of discovery and childhood dreams. Learn the secrets of Ruby Falls and plan your visit.
Indianapolis is a cool, hip city with a growing foodie scene that is garnering some national attention. Click to find more of the best Indy eats and cool peeps.
Do you know the dixie dynamo city where cotton meets corn that’s the birthplace of tow trucks? It’s none other than Chattanooga Tennessee.
Durango is a biking town and riding up the Million Dollar Highway to Silverton is a classic ride....
During our road trip to Lynchburg Tennessee we took the Jack Daniel’s Distillery Tour to answer a few questions, namely, why is Jack Daniel’s so popular?
What are the top activities in Indianapolis? To begin with, let’s ask if Indianapolis even is a tourist destination? According to Visit Indy, they are......
All we were looking for was a quiet hike through Painted Canyon for Easter. We found Jesus, took a pilgrimage to Mecca and climbed Salvation Mountain.
Gardening is art made with landscape, be it plants, water, rocks or simply amazing views. Rock City, near Chattanooga, has all of these elements and more.
Hamilton County Indiana offers great options for an active weekend getaway including Strawtown Keetowi Park ropes course and the 25 mile Monon trail.
Is whale watching in San Diego any fun? We have been asking ourselves that question every time whale watching season came around.
Stories, advice and photos from an epic trip down the Big Sur Coast and memory lane. Discover the majestic views along America's finest Coastline.
With our time in California coming to an end, it’s only natural to get nostalgic, so it feels fitting to explore our top five favorite California adventures.
We saw (and photographed) the cutest thing ever last weekend - dogs surfing. Imperial Beach Surf Dog was the unofficial kickoff to the California Dog Surfing season.
Huntsville is the Rocket City, & the US Space and Rocket Center is the center of it all. We’ve put together a great road trip guide to the home of it all.
Casino Point Dive Park is a unique and amazing place to dive in California. First off, it’s on Catalina Island which is almost like a Mediterranean town.
When we visited Aquarium of the Pacific, we expected to see a lot of pretty fish (we did). What we got was so much more.
Catalina Island holds a special place in the heart of every Californian. A one-hour ferry ride takes you away to the magical Mediterranean town of Avalon.
Eagle Creek Reservoir is an emerald gem of Indianapolis Metro Parks. Inside is a kicking ropes course, hiking trails and a large, small motor lake.
Reliving old memories riding the Indian Bend Wash Trail in Scottsdale and visiting our favorite Phoenix restaurants.
Pagosa Springs is the worlds deepest geothermal hot springs and our potential future home.
Of flowers and the rights of spring... Business trip turns to impromptu photo shoot during the peak of the cherry blossom bloom.
Our quick tour of one of the most photogenic towns in America
The amazing beauty of Antelope Canyon draws as many visitors as the canyon can hold. Between the darkness and the crowds it is challenge to get a decent shot.

Canada Adventures

Montmorency Falls is known for its impressive 275 feet high waterfall while Quebec City is renowned for flat, easy bike paths. With a little research, we found a way to combine these two great activities into one highly enjoyable 1/2 day Quebec bike tour.
Looking for the perfect Quebec CIty getaway loaded with historic hotels, scrumptious food, and tantalizing tours? Quebec City is richly steeped in history with a hearty dose of culture and wellness. We found a little slice of heaven and want to share it with you.
Are you looking for a true bistronomic experience at a Quebec restaurant? Quebec is known as the most Franco city in North America, and the French are known for the fabulous gastronomy. If you’re looking for an eclectic and memorable dining experience, you must try Chez Muffy, farm to fork at it's finest!

Costa Rica Adventures

Costa Rica Category
Rio Celeste is a magnificent blue river in Costa Rica featuring a huge waterfall plummeting into a blue pool below. We compiled a list of 13 things that you need to know before visit Rio Celeste like do I need hiking boots? How muddy is it? How do you make sure the water is its signature blue when you visit....
Costa Rica is an adventure travel mecca, and canyoneering is a super-fun activity. Many commercial canyoneering trips are available there, but two continually stand out – Lost Canyon and Gravity Falls, but which is better?
Planning a group vacation can be a tedious activity, but my step by step guide will save big bucks and create an event you and your friends will be talking about for years. Figuring out every detail takes organizational skills and patience. Group travel vacations will save money, and make your friends/family happy!
Costa Rica vacations cater to every taste and every traveler. Who wouldn’t enjoy a little slice of Pura Vita? From surfing in Tamarindo to all-inclusive resorts and beaches in Jaco, would you believe us if we told you to head for the mountains? There you will find a vacation that will tantalize your sense of adventure.
Pura Vida in English means, "Pure Life". But these two words have much more meaning throughout the Costa Rican culture. Where did such an odd saying come from and why does it describe the Costa Rica experience perfectly?

Mexico Adventures

Tijuana Mexico more than a border town for bad decisions. It’s one of Mexico’s largest cities with over a million people and a thriving art and culture scene. What’s more, you can reach Tijuana from San Diego just by riding the trolley. It’s so close, but worlds away and full of fun and surprises.
We traveled to Mexico to the Dia De Muertos celebration where people gather to pray & remember deceased loved ones, to help them on their spiritual journey.
Do you have an adventure or take part in an adventure? Linguistically, both are possible. Some adventures exist in the world to have and hold...
We went across the border to experience a waterpark in Mexico. We found adventure complete with team building, culture, personal responsibility & adrenaline.
Have you ever dreamed of going on a cruise but you don’t know what to expect? No worries. We took our first cruise to find out what all the fuss is about. We've compiled a list of first time cruise tips that we wish we knew before we took our first cruise. Bon Voyage!
By the end of the night, we liberated, libated, educated and thoroughly entertained. ¡Bienvenidos a Mexico! Who knew Lucha Libre was this much fun.
Why am I on this road? And who lets cows on highways? “Look out, COW!” Jenn shouted just in time...
Imagine traveling 2000 miles to Mexico to hook up No, I’m not talking about spring break,...
How many shades of blue are there in the world? We were at a loss for words when we first saw Loreto deep in Mexico's Baja Peninsula.
Babies with rabies are ferocious! No, this wasn’t an incident report from our day at the beach, this was part of our pre-dive checklist.
Baja for me (Ed) was always an enticing possibility. Baja was wild, amazing, secluded, and unique.

Asia Adventures

Singapore is a small Island City/State. So if you’re thinking that there won’t be much fun to be had outdoors, you’re much mistaken. There’s as much fun to be had outdoors as it is indoors in Singapore! Come and take a look at the real Singapore – the home to thrills, wonders, and serenity.
Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka is a beach city about two hours south of Columbo. Every year, more tourists come to Hikkaduwa and the industry is thriving. There is plenty to do in Hikkaduwa. Many of these activities are good, but some Hikkaduwa attractions are meh and some outright ugly. Our guide will help you to choose wisely.
Going on a Sri Lanka safari is more than an opportunity to see wild animals, it’s a means to preserve them. During the early 19th century growth and industrialization forced animals to the brink. Now with the rise of National Parks and ecotourism activities, like safaris, native animals have a chance.
As you might guess, a 2000 year old operating temple that is being built up as a tourist attraction in a far off land, like Sri Lanka, might have special considerations for visiting. We compiled our list of ten things you need to know before visiting Dambulla Cave Temples to help you have a great time while visiting.
Polonnaruwa was the royal capital of Sri Lanka from 1070 CE to 1310 CE. These fantastic ruins became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1982, and is a popular cultural attraction in Sri Lanka. Could global climate change experienced during these times explain why was the capital was moved to, then away from Polonnaruwa?
Can the ethical tourism really be used as a force for good in Sri Lanka? Can leisure travel fight issues like poverty and inequality? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew that your vacation dollars really went to help the people you met and weren’t funneled into some corporate structure somewhere?
Ayurveda in Sri Lanka dates back thousands of years. It is an ancient practice of health and wellness that has gained significant attention as tourism explodes in Sri Lanka. With the sudden rise of interest, how do you ensure that you are getting the authentic treatments and not some watered down tourist bait?
Could it be that Sigiriya is actually Alakamandava, the legendary city of the gods from Sri Lankan folklore? I’ll present the clues as I saw them, and let imagination and deduction guide you.
If experiencing a country up close and personal on two wheels sounds good to you, check out our 10 tips to picking the perfect bike tour in Thailand.
The more we travel, the more we see the importance of Ecotourism. This is a term that you hear often but what exactly does it mean?
What is it really like cycling Thailand? I could tell you how we made friends with our guide & support driver. I could tell you how they introduced us to authentic Thailand countryside away from tourists. There's mileage; 150 miles over 4 days, but it's the scenery, food, & culture that makes biking Thailand different from any other ride in the world.
No trip to Thailand would be complete without visiting the rainforests. Don’t overlook Khao Sok. It's the path less traveled & that makes all the difference.
If you have ever considered coming to Thailand you have probably seen the highlights of Bangkok like the temples or the markets, but how is the biking?
Our journey through Thailand and quest for the best scuba in Thailand took us to the Andaman Sea to the tropical lands of Phuket, Krabi, and Phi Phi.
Koh Tao has a reputation among travelers as paradise.This tiny island off the coast of Thailand features white sand beaches & cheap diving on tropical reefs.
Would I be medically cleared for our Thailand trip, or will our last year of planning and dreaming explode and vanish before our very eyes?

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