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Chattanooga Case Study

Campaign Executed  May – June 2017


In May 2017, we launched a promotional marketing campaign for Chattanooga, Tennessee via our website and social channels. We created six interlocking, evergreen articles that are ranking on the first one to three pages of Google for their respective keywords. Between our web pages and associated social media promotion, we have reached over 60,000 people with our Chattanooga campaign so far. The detailed statistics and approach are described below.


It was our goal to write an overview article on Chattanooga, Chilling in Chattanooga- The Guide to Good Times, then to write supporting posts for the overview article, all promoting the area. We then interlocked the articles via links building a silo structure that enhances SEO, web visibility, and web authority. In total, we wrote five supporting articles plus the overview as listed below:

Google SEO Results:

Page 1 of google for Keywords:

  • Cloudland Canyon Guide
  • Huntsville Road Trip

Page 2 of Google for Keywords:

  • Ruby Falls
  • Jack Daniels Distillery Tour

Page 3 of Google for Keywords:

  • Why See Rock City
  • We have recently re-optimized our keywords for our overview Chattanooga article and we expect to rank higher for this post soon.

Coleman Concierge Website Stats/ Pageviews Generated as of 5/14/18:

  • Total PV Generated for Destination and Surrounding Areas: 7,785
  • Chilling in Chattanooga: 1590 Pageviews
  • Cloudland Canyon: 1936 Pageviews
  • Ruby Falls: 1596 Pageviews
  • Jack Daniels: 1400 Pageviews
  • Rock City: 865 Pageviews
  • Huntsville: 398 Pageviews
Chattanooga Page Views

Promotional Campaign- Social Media Results


Chattanooga Table
Chattanooga Instagram Reach


Chattanooga Twitter Impressions


Total Campaign: 3.6k Reach

Campaign Summary

Chattanooga Campaign Totals

The Chattanooga campaign is our preferred business model since it creates the highest values to brands and destinations by combining social media marketing with evergreen high-SEO posts. Coleman Concierge is actively seeking new campaigns and partnerships to reach our core demographic of active, professional adult travellers. If your brand or destination is a good fit for our niche, branding, and clientele, please contact us for more information.

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