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The Cataclysmic Retirement Plan

Everybody knows that retirement takes careful planning over many years and is the reward for a life well-lived. What if everybody was wrong? How could you tell? There are several simple but well-respected models for predicting the age of retirement and how much margin (the money you have vs the money you need)  is available once you have retired. It’s this margin that directly address the fear you feel when thinking about retirement, particularly early retirement. Financial planners use these models to predict the changes in the outcome when you change the model assumptions (what if you retired 5...

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Rocks or Roller Coasters? Getting your thrill on

Many years and girlfriends ago, I was canoeing on the Colorado in Black Canyon just below Hoover dam.  The girl I was with was freaking out being in a canoe with towering limestone cliffs around us.   A gruff compatriot on the trip scolded me for taking her.   “This isn’t a ride at Disneyland” he snarled as he floated by.  I was faced with almost the same question today as I was waiting in line at an unnamed southern California amusement park.  How do roller coasters and outdoor adventure really stack up?  Only one way to tell…  let’s start stacking!...

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All About The Hustle at the Great American Foodie Fest

“Eat Like at King.  Party like a Rockstar” boast the Great American Foodie Fest.  Have you been watching the Food Network, Cooking Channel or Travel Channel and craving the regional foods that you just can’t get at home?  Do you like live music and carnival rides?  Would you just like to wander a large selection of food trucks that don’t usually come to your neck of the woods?  Then you might be ready for the Great American Foodie Fest which happens in San Diego, Phoenix and twice a year in Vegas.  In fact, they have won “Best of Vegas”...

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Catcon LA, not just for cat ladies anymore

Catcon?? Yeah, Catcon.  Not just for single cat ladies anymore.  Catcon LA is a gathering place for cat owners, vendors, artisans and anybody who loves cats and the company of cat people. What is Catcon and what kind of people would attend? The obvious answer – people ‘crazy’ about cats, us included.  Our kids dragged us to all kinds of Cons since they were full-fledged teenagers.   Catcon was supposed to be our ultimate revenge.  This is Dreya’s (Ed’s youngest) last summer before college so we thought we could force her attended one of ‘our’ Cons.   At last, some level of...

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Challenge by Choice

Working as facilitators on a high ropes course has taught us many things about fear, comfort zones and experiential learning. We open every session with a challenge by choice interaction

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