Author: Ed and Jenn

Homeless in Sri Lanka

Not quite two years ago, we started blogging and now we have quit our jobs, vacated our house, disposed all our possessions, and now we are heading to Asia.

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Chill at the Queen Mary

It's a winter wonderland in Long Beach at the Queen Mary's new CHILL. Explore the Ice Adventure Park and experience holiday traditions from around the world.

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Seventeen Strangest Things

People travel for all kinds of reasons. Not least of which, is to see and experience new things. We are counting down the 17 strangest things we saw in 2017.

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Meet Ed and Jenn

Coleman Concierge

Coleman Concierge

Amazing Adventures for Ordinary People
We are Jenn and Ed, aka Coleman Concierge. Jenn is highly experienced in the service industry. Having worked a lifetime in adventure and travel she knows the industry from the inside.

Ed is a physicist in aerospace by day, crazy adventurist by night. He drives the tech train around here and applies his industry knowledge to build, not just another blog, but a detailed content management system.

Let us serve as your guide to help you and inspire you to get out, expand your world and seek adventure, even in your own backyard. Along with our perspective and personality, we strive to provide tools and tips for you to experience heightened adventure in your own life.

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