Author: Ed and Jenn

King Tides

Tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon. When the moon is new, it is aligned with the sun and tides are exceptionally high and low.

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Low Tide Hospital Reef

Hospital Reef is in La Jolla California, just south of the Cove. What makes it remarkable are the series of reefs just offshore that get exposed at low tide.

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One Bike in Bangkok

If you have ever considered coming to Thailand you have probably seen the highlights of Bangkok like the temples or the markets, but how is the biking?

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Golden Gate Bridge

On the Road is among the books that steered me from adolescence into my early adulthood and really spoke to both my rebelliousness as well as my wanderlust.

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Couple at Sunset Cliffs

Happy Valentines Day! This picture is from a recent shoot at Sunset Cliffs California. We thought it was the perfect backdrop for our special V-Day surprise.

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