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Finding Strange on the Shores of the Salton Sea

All we were looking for was a quiet hike through Painted Canyon for Easter. We found Jesus (again and again), took a pilgrimage to Mecca and climbed Salvation Mountain. Who knew there was so much strange on the shores of the Salton Sea.

We had been planning to go to Painted Canyon for the better part of two years. It’s a five-mile hike through slot canyons with ladders to aid the technical parts. It has been on our radar so long, we figured we would just wing it when the day finally came.

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Dream Maintenance – the Art of Letting Go

Snake Dike. Half Dome. YosemiteI am become time, the destroyer of dreams.” (alt. translation Bhagavad Gita ) “A few people laughed, a few people cried, most people were silent.” (R. Oppenheimer)

I knew my world would not be the same. It must have been over twenty years ago when I first heard about Snake Dike. I can still picture the scene. A girl sitting next to me in racquet ball class was talking about her upcoming summer climbing pilgrimage to Yosemite.

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